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European unit of a Fortune 100 financial services company consolidated multi-country telemarketing efforts onto Massini Group’s web-based call management system and achieved superior results by instituting resource allocation best practices.

Fortune 100 worldwide business travel services company increased telemarketing lead yield by focusing efforts on a pre-qualified marketing universe, optimizing telemarketing resource allocation and aligning the effort with the needs of the individual sales territories.

Fortune 50 telecommunications services provider substantially improved telesales performance after Massini Group disassembled the sales process into fundamental components, diagnosed the issues and restructured the program.

Fortune 50 computer manufacturer dramatically increased revenue and ROI from marketing operations when Massini Group built a marketing reference database that increased market visibility and coverage and leveraged previous interactions in campaign selects.

Fortune 100 financial services company substantially improved the efficiency of their outsourced telesales program with Massini Group structured calling methods and management via leading indicator metrics.

Fortune 50 software maker doubled its direct mail response rate, doubled its lead conversion rate, and dramatically reduced the cost per-qualified prospect when Massini Group improved the process, accuracy and completeness of the contact attribute coding.

Fortune 50 IT company dramatically improved the efficiency of their outsourced lead generation program when Massini Group identified and corrected a fundamental imbalance between the number of targets and the number of agents by finding new targets and eliminating call saturation.

European marketing team of a Fortune 100 financial services company utilized Massini Group account identification, corporate hierarchy management and statistical analytics predicting spend to develop a methodical customer referral strategy in partnership with sales.

Fortune 1000 enterprise data warehousing company adjusted the function and organization level for telemarketing program selects based upon Massini Group research and increased response rate by 228% and participation rate by 35%.

Multi-billion dollar scanner and data capture company used telemarketing lead generation to rapidly penetrate a new market segment after Massini Group focused their efforts with a marketing reference database and comprehensive marketing universe.

Fortune 50 IT company managed print services business utilized Massini Group trigger-based marketing processes, Dialogue Strategy methodology and comprehensive marketing universe to optimize an existing email newsletter program.

Storage area networking specialist company used a Massini Group built marketing reference database, customer account identification and comprehensive marketing universe to focus the efforts of an outsourced telemarketing cross-sell team.

Fortune 500 technology company dramatically raised lead conversion rates by using Massini Group spend projection and propensity to respond analytics in conjunction with a telemarketing pilot.

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When intuition fails. Sales people like to think they can smell money. Unfortunately, when they guess they are wrong more often than they are right. Massini Group employs structured processes to assure that all the deals are found and that you win your fair share... > Learn more
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Consolidate customer data, apply firmographics and build predictive analytics. On a fixed fee basis, Massini Group will accurately apply firmographic, corporate hierarchy and consolidated purchase history data to a customer master and utilize predictive analytics to project spend for prioritizing acquisition, cross sell and up sell activities.... > Learn more