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When intuition fails.

Sales people like to think they can smell money. Unfortunately, when they guess they are wrong more often than they are right. Massini Group employs structured processes to assure that all the deals are found and that you win your fair share

A structured calling process is a mechanism by which a specific set of targets is addressed in a specific way to assure the maximum probability of sales success.

Massini Group has engaged in years of research related to the incremental probability of sales success given additional allocation of resources – namely one more call. The result is an operating principle that Massini Group calls the yield curve. It is a plot of the probability of sales success given a specific number of attempts. Although its specific characteristics vary slightly by company, market and segment, the overall shape is always the same.

The yield curve starts at its lowest point at one attempt or one call. It then rises sharply through the second and third attempt and then falls somewhat gradually through four, five and six attempts until it moves to and stays at nearly zero for all subsequent attempts. It is notable that the yield curve resets after a “resting period,” which may be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months depending again on the company, market and segment.

The problem with depending on agent intuition without any formal guiding structure is that it always results in the same coverage pattern – the vast majority of the targets receive zero or one attempt and the remaining small minority receive a very large number of attempts. In other words, all of the targets end up at one of two suboptimal points on the yield curve. Another way of looking at it is that the unguided process results in a large amount of unfinished work and a small amount of target obsession.

Massini Group’s recommended alternative is based upon a principle that we call uniform treatment via pass management. This requires that your environment be able to serve up calls to your agents in a specific sequential order. If this is possible, then it can be organized in such a way that all targets receive one attempt before any receives a second, except in the case where the target requests a call back at a specific data and time.

This process allows all targets to be part of a completed pass – or one attempt. There are several advantages to this, including :

  • each of the six key performance metrics will follow a specific curve, meaning that the first few days results can be used to predict the ultimate outcome ;
  • the agents will thrive based upon finding all of the connections made on a particular day at the same stage of progress – meaning that they can hone their pitch based upon the uniform workload ;
  • a deliberate decision can be made at the end of each pass to trade-off incremental sales productivity against the total number of sales for the target set - a process that Massini Group commonly uses to balance total sales versus cost per sale.


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