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Right time and right reason.

Contract terms, product lifecycles, switching costs and technological advancements give each business a discernable tempo. Using proprietary statistical analysis, Massini Group will find the buying patterns that will increase the ROI of the resources you apply via the telephone.

Another way to think about a discernable tempo is as a pattern of sales success relative to measurable timeframes. The following are common reference points from which the pattern can be characterized :

  • time since last call ;
  • time since last not interested disposition ;
  • time since last contact ;
  • time since last pass through maximum attempt threshold ;
  • time since last sale ;
  • time to or since expiration of contract ;
  • time to or since expiration of service coverage ;
  • time to or since end of product life / product support ;
  • time since last product upgrade ;

In many operations, this data is so difficult to build and or manage that these concepts are not included in targeting and resource allocation decisions. Massini Group experience suggests this is a mistake. In fact, on average, Massini Group is able to increase sales performance by 27% by building and utilizing this type of data in a telesales and or telemarketing environment.

Massini Group’s process for building and utilizing this type of information is as follows :

  • construct a comprehensive master target site list to govern the process ;
  • append dates and times to each target site and contact from the list above by matching to internal data sources ;
  • whenever possible, collect detailed call-by-call results with target, agent, campaign, date and time and disposition applied to all ;
  • derive operational “time since data” by processing call history relative to each of the reference points above ;
  • build a relative time line for all targets by measuring the time difference between applied resources and each of the above reference points ;
  • calculate the relative performance of the program at various points on the time line and identify optimal relative time to call based upon highest conversion rate and lowest cost per sale ;
  • project the time line out into the future for all members of the master target site list ;
  • target sites and contacts at a time on the time line in which sales conversion is highest or cost per sale is lowest ;
  • repeat the process on a monthly basis and reap the rewards in more sales at less cost ;


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