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Memory is a terrible thing to waste.

Buying commonly does not happen on your schedule, therefore it is paramount to sales success that you remember what happened on the last call. Massini Group has specific advice about results coding that your team can manage and that will boost your results significantly.

Failure to record the result of a marketing response, telemarketing call, telesales call or face to face sales visit almost certainly will result in some degree of starting over from the beginning with each marketing campaign.

Massini Group has repeatedly measured that previous response history or previous call disposition accounts for 50% or more of the likelihood of success on a subsequent effort. So why do so many marketing and sales organizations fail to do so on a regular basis? Generally the flawed logic is something like this – if I do not take the time to record the results of the last call, I can complete more calls. The problem with this approach is multi-fold, the least of which is that as a result many more calls are needed to accomplish the same results.

Massini Group recommends capturing outcomes for all activities at the following levels within a marketing reference database :

  • touch ( prior to response ) history for all discrete response oriented media, like DM and EM ;
  • response history for all discrete response oriented media ;
  • individual call history for telesales and telemarketing ;
  • opportunity or lead disposition for telesales and telemarketing ;

It is critical to capture the outcome of an interaction if it is not the intended outcome ( a lead or a sale ) or even if it is not positive. Massini Group has found that many companies only capture positive outcomes. This practice leaves absolutely no guidance for changing the organizational entry point, opening, message, offer, product mix or price for the next effort.

The second most vexing challenge that companies face is using touch history, response history or call history once they have it. The core of this problem is the lack of abstraction – the process by which similar situations are summarized and rolled up so as to be manageable.

Massini Group has pioneered, tested and confirmed the efficacy of codification systems that offer just the right amount of detail to be useful without the number of choices becoming too large to comprehend. These systems generally have no more than 20-30 values. The values are also organized as to be hierarchical, allowing for a simple summary for high level reporting and manipulation. All of which makes them convenient to use.


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