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So many choices, so little time.

How much time are your agents spending deciding who to call next? Massini Group research indicates that it can be as much as 60% of all calling hours. Massini Group will win over your operations team by designing an implementing effective queue management.

Sales involves a lot of rejection. Human nature causes us to avoid rejection because it is unpleasant. Unfortunately, this aspect of human nature commonly results in a pattern of behavior that results in less than optimal sales performance. It is much easier for a telesales or telemarketing agent to attempt talk to someone for who they have low expectation of rejection than it is to attempt to talk to someone for who they have a higher expectation of rejection. In other words, it is easier to talk to someone with whom they have a relationship than it is for them to talk to someone with whom they have no relationship.

Over and over again, Massini Group has measured this phenomenon in terms of distribution of dials across telesales or telemarketing campaigns. The pattern has the following features :

  • a very small proportion ( 20-30% )of the targets receive a very large number of the dials each ( 5-15 );
  • a very large proportion ( 70-80% )of the targets receive few or no dials ;
  • a large proportion of time spent dialing is spent on deciding who to dial, as opposed to dialing, which results in lower than optimal dials per hour per agent.

From a campaign perspective, this has the following undesirable impacts :

  • target coverage is lower than it should be ;
  • non-uniform treatment of targets makes forecasting results impossible ;
  • results will be lower than they should be ;

Massini Group recommends a queue management method in which all targets receive a dial in a specific order. The order is determined by an algorithm, not by the agents. The algorithm is designed to assure uniform treatment of targets, normalization of operations and optimal sales or leads results. The agents spend less time talking themselves out of a call and more time engaged in calls that result in a positive outcome.

The agents must be required to make / take every call supplied to them and to disposition all of their outcomes. Behind the scenes analysis must be used to assure that agents are not “gaming” the system by selecting and overusing a “trash bin” disposition. Left unchecked, this activity can be akin to a “land rush” mentality, in which agents compete for the most desirable targets.

To the extent that your agents or operations managers exhibit resistance to this process, Massini Group has tried and tested remedy – plenty of stories about other skeptical outfits that dropped their opposition once their commission and bonus checks got much larger.


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