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Make forecasting monotonous.

There is no better way to excite executives than to say you can achieve a specific result and go and do exactly that – unfortunately it is harder than it sounds. Massini Group’s structured calling methods gets its clients to goal – month after month.

So why is it so hard to predict sales performance in advance? The answer is change. Change happens all the time in the business world, yes, but more importantly, unintended change in the foundations of the telemarketing or telesales operations can severely impact results.

In order to predict the performance of a telesales or telemarketing environment you must first control it. Massini Group collects all of the aspects of this type of control under the heading of operational discipline. Operational discipline means running the environment substantially the same way over and over again so that :

  • baseline performance can be measured and used to predict performance into the future ;
  • one change at a time can be made to isolate and measure the impact of that change independent of all other possible changes ;

In order to achieve operational discipline in a telesales or telemarketing environment you must :

  • choose a period of time in which all tactical and strategic elements of the campaign must remain constant – Massini Group usually chooses a calendar month ;
  • utilize representative sampling of the campaign’s marketing universe to build the targeting select and thereby assure that the composition of the targets remains constant throughout the month ;
  • assure that all of the targets receive uniform treatment – the same number of dials per target – Massini Group employs pass management, or in other words, all targets get one call before any get a second unless a specific appointment is set ;
  • keep the opening, main message, main offer and any incentives constant for the entire timeframe so that the agents will become fluid and conversational in their delivery ;
  • measure all aspects of the environment that contribute to sales success and assure that they are functioning within acceptable tolerances ;

Based on environments such as this, Massini Group has compiled a library of 2,500 codified and quantified campaigns. Further, we have used statistical analysis to isolate the 13 key parameters that impact sales success on the telephone.

With these metrics and benchmarks, Massini Group is able to understand, monitor and control all of the aspects of telesales and telemarketing that can cause results to fall below goal, well before they have had an impact on your monthly objective.


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