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How many is too many?

Misalignment between the number of targets and the number of agents will always have a negative impact on the ROI of a telesales program. Massini Group has team right sizing tools backed by 2500 successful campaign benchmarks.

It is an almost inescapable trap to both successful and challenged telesales and telemarketing operations – having too many agents for the available targets.

If a telesales operation is successful, the demand for more of the same will drive the number of agents up. If a telesales operation is not successful, the most common issue cited, by both internal and outsourced operations managers, is the need for more headcount to reach the goal.

Unfortunately, it is seldom gauged when more agents becomes too much of a good thing. Generally it happens in one of two ways :

  • a limited number of targets is overcalled and become saturated, resulting in catastrophic reduction in sales productivity ;
  • the above saturation is noticed and the alarm is sounded for more targets – commonly these new targets are marginal and produce at a lower than average level;

In either case, the result is the same, the cost of sales goes up and the total number of sales goes down until the entire program collapses under its own weight.

Massini Group research indicates that the key to optimal numbers of sales, minimum cost per sale and a long term sustainable environment is proper balance between the number and composition of the comprehensive marketing universe and the number of agents addressing it.

Massini Group employs a mathematical model derived from measurements of over 2500 successful campaigns to solve for the optimal number of agents given a specific number of targets and a specific campaign duration. Also taken into consideration in this process is the optimal “resting period” between campaigns in an on-going program to assure that the target set does not become saturated.

The Massini Group model also supports calculating the optimal number of targets required for a given number of agents and a specified campaign duration or the optimal campaign duration for a given number of agents and targets.

Some of the results of the application of this approach include :

  • minimizing campaign costs ;
  • optimal trade-off between total sales and cost per sale ;
  • highly accurate forecasting of campaign ROI ;
  • highly accurate forecasting of campaign start and end date ;
  • elimination of agent costly downtime or reduced productivity.


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