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Going fast beats, well, going slow.

Massini Group is commonly asked, “How many calls should my agents make in an hour?” Although it depends, Massini Group knows how to maximize sales by maximizing sales productivity without causing a riot in your call center.

The mathematics that describe the sales process are not that different from those that might be used to describe a search for diamonds in a diamond mine. In each of these cases there are a few fundamental principles :

  • going faster is a good thing because it allows more ground to be covered ;
  • going faster almost necessarily means you are not looking as closely as you might otherwise have ;
  • it is important to cover all of the ground so that you don’t miss something ;
  • once a particularly productive spot is found, it is okay to slow down ;
  • sometimes finding a handful of smaller diamonds is better than searching for a long time for a large one but coming up empty ;
  • stumbling upon a large one while looking for smaller ones will happen once in a while.

The key to answering the question is optimally balancing the coverage of the search and the depth of the search. Massini Group analysis of over 2,500 business to business benchmark campaigns definitively suggests two very different, but successful, modes of operation :

  • when the number of potential targets is large in relation to the number of agents making calls, speed will always win out over depth, consultative selling and the associated higher conversion rate – the conversion rate just does not get high enough to compensate for the associated slowdown ;
  • when the number of targets is small in relation to the number of agents making calls and the value of each of the targets is large, a slower. more consultative process is superior as long as the target set does not become saturated.

This leaves one unanswered question – which mode is optimal for your program? A rough rule of thumb might be :

  • slower consultative selling is best for enterprise and major account lead generation and appointment setting ;
  • programs targeting mid-market or upper SMB might benefit from either and it is best to run a test ;
  • lower SMB programs will almost always benefit from faster approaches that apply a broader “skimming” strategy whereby the maximum number of targets is touched on a lower touch frequency.

Massini Group can very specifically answer these questions for your environment by comparing your operational parameters and performance metrics to best practices benchmarks of both modes.


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